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easy fun with kids play hairdresser - fabulistas

You know how going to the hairdresser is like a mini-spa appointment? You head into the salon and they get you all set up with wine and magazines so you can relax while they gently massage your head and make you even more gorgeous, all the time chit-chatting and laughing like the grown-up you knew was still in there? Yeah, today’s 5 Minute Fun is NOTHING LIKE THAT.

mom laughing while daughter brushes hair - Fabulistas

It’s pleasant enough to start. And the hairdresser is ADORABLE, I think you’ll agree.

easy fun with kids - let them do your hair - Fabulistas

But then she got brushing. I’m not sure where she got her training, but I don’t think the emphasis was on brushing gently. It’s more of a yank-the-brush-through-her-hair-and-hope-your-client-doesn’t-scream style.

barrettes for easy fun with kids -- Fabulistas

She was also pretty opinionated on how my hair was going to look. I’d say it’s more of a collaborative effort when I go to my usual salon. This gal pretty much instructed me to hold still while she put in the barrettes she’d picked out.

easy fun - let kids brush your hair -- Fabulistas

The effect is remarkable though, I think you’ll agree.

5 minute fun with kids - play hairdresser -- Fabulistas

Midway through we had to take a break so she could work on her own hair for a bit. It took some serious debate as to which barrette matched her outfit best, but I understood; I mean part of being a hairdresser is looking better than your clients, right? Once we’d settled on the gold barrette, she was back to work.

mom and daughter doing hair for fun - Fabulistas

While I missed my usual wine and USWeekly, I think you’ll agree the final effect was smashing.

mom hugging daughter after playing hairdresser -- Fabulistas

Plus, did I mention this is how our appointment ended? I think I’ll be scheduling another one very soon…


-If you’re in the Bay Area and need an AMAZING hairdresser Jarr is your man (seriously, beware of asking me about him, because I’ll get over-excited and will start talking in very high volumes, I love him so much). You can find him at Taylor Monroe Salon.

-We have had so much drama around hair brushing (I get it, it hurts). My mom gave us this brush from Brush Strokes and it’s awesome. I can’t say it’s completely stopped the tears but it does a great job with 75% less wailing, so that’s something.

Photos by Erica Bean Photography.


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