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kids-bunny-coat-carrot-ears-soft-pinkAs always happens when you’re pregnant, it seems like everyone I talk to is also pregnant. And invariably talk turns to registering because, dude, how are you supposed to know what to put on the all important list? Do you really need a wipe warmer? How many onesies are enough? Where can I find a mod rocker? And do “miracle blankets” actually work miracles? (No, 5?, right here, and hell yes.)

And I’ll tell you what I tell them: PUH-LEASE go to BabyList. BabyList is an online registering tool, but that is only part of it. They just released a baby registry checklist where, after you fill in a short quiz, you get a tailored registry checklist based on your budget, diapering and breastfeeding plans, and style aesthetics. And it’s AWESOME! My results were all things that I actually used with Alice almost to a tee without a bunch of fillers like the lists I remember from the big box stores.

The checklist will get you the basics, but, of course, you want fun stuff too. So their fab founder, Natalie, conscripted a bunch of us to put together inspirational registries and just be careful, will you? There’s so much good stuff on there you’re going to want to put your credit card somewhere safe, like in a different state, while you’re browsing (my Colorful and Playful Registry is right here).

Okay, and I haven’t even gotten to the bomb-diggity basics of Babylist. It lets you register for anything, anywhere on the web – etsy, Giggle, Anthropologie, (hey, babies, need pom poms too), and yes, Amazon, Target, and BabieRUS too. You can even register for babysitting, meals, cleaning services, hair cuts, all the things that will help you maintain your sanity when your life starts to revolve around feeding times, poop, and lost sleep.

Plus, it’s really pretty and easy to use. See?

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.59.00 AMHave I convinced you yet? After you get your registry together, I’d love for you to leave me the link in the comments so I can check it out. Happy registering!

Find the bunny coat and all sorts of other adorableness over at Bunnies By the Bay.
    • Kara says:

      That is so smart to put all the photo book stuff on there! I’m going to keep that in mind.. Thanks for sharing!

  1. Jc says:

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