's New Line is Awesome and I'm Buying It All


Over a month ago something happened to my iPhone case (I dropped it for the millionth time, threw it in the trash, let my baby suck on it – pick three) and since then it’s been sporting this plastic dagger on one corner that gets caught on sweaters and stabs me at least fifteen times a day. I know what you’re thinking, “So, go buy a new cover and let me get back to my True Dectective, already.”

But, you see, I couldn’t. Word on the street was my personal wonderland,, was releasing a new line of products and I just knew they were going to create something so phenomenal and breathtaking I’d curse myself every time I used my phone (which is never because I’m way too busy raising children, obviously). So I waited, and thank goodness I did because now I only have to curse myself the one time when I buy pretty much everything on their site. And that, my lovelies, is what we call a win for the day.bando-favorites-sparkly-hairband-fun

Top Row: No more sweaty dollar bills! (That sounded way less weird in my head). Now when I go running I can put my coffee money in the outside pocket of my phone. Totally brill. // Have I ever told you guys that I LOVE drinking out of plastic with a straw? It’s strange and true and totally bad for me, I know. This water bottle, though, would mean I can finally lay my CU fraternity cups to rest…  // It’s my birthday in about two weeks. I love a crown. You do the math.

Middle Row: I feel like this iPad case understands me. Like I would look at it every day and think, “Finally, the universe gets where I’m coming from,” before rushing off to do many, very important things.  // A GIANT PINK GEM SPEAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom Row: I have a bunch of’s twist scarfs, and love how they fancy up any old outfit. This one seems somehow more grown-up, like I’d need to wear it yachting or while speaking French, don’t you agree? // Yes, I am totally on board with having fun, thank you. // Can a hair clip set an intention for the day? I’m willing to find out.

Hi! I'm Kara and I'm obsessed with trying on all the clothes in my closet, making my kids laugh, and thinking of ways to avoid doing laundry.

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  1. Cathleya says:

    That phone case is bananas and I need it right noooowwwwww!!

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