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My Favorite Boots and Booties for Fall

Can I tell you how a photo shoot with my gal Milou and Olin typically goes? It always starts out normally. Like I’ll say, “Okay, this post is going to be a round-up of the best boots and booties for Fall so let’s get a couple of shots of my favorite boots from my closet.”


Cute, right? (I’m obsessed with those pink stud ones that MY HUSBAND bought me. It was one of my proudest marriage moments. #hegetsme)

Then Caroline will say something like, “You know, it’d be even more fun if you laid on the floor with the boots all around you so we can really see them.” And I’ll think, “GAH! She’s so brilliant and totally right.”

And then I’ll say, “You know what would be even better? If I pretended to be a Vogue cover model, contemplating if it’d be weird to wear leopard print boots with my cheetah print jacket.”

And that’s pretty much the only opening we need. Caroline will then start yelling things like, “EAT THE BOOT. EAT IT BECAUSE IT’S DELICIOUS.”

And “LOVE THAT BOOT! LOVE IT BECAUSE YOU ARE A MODEL AND SEX SELLS.” And, I do it, duh, because she’s a photographer so obviously knows about these things.

It could also be that we think we’re the most hilarious people ever and every photo session ends with a side ache from laughing so hard?

Nah. It’s the sex sells thing, for sure.

Which is all to say, here’s a round-up of my fave boots for this Fall! 😂 Which is your favorite? Pink velvet? Glitter with a silver heel? Classic over-the-knee? GIVE ME THEM ALL!

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Hot Pink Velvet Rockers

Velvet is a huge trend this Fall and I give you permission to rub your face all over these.


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White Booties from Target

White shoes are another huge trend (hi, 80s!) and, at less than $40, these booties give you permission to try it on for a season.


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Black Patton Leather Boots

Of course, you need a pair of black boots (I might be an enabler 😁). Since we like to  jazz things up around here, how about fancify-ing a plain pair with cool girl, patten leather?


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Glitter Rain Boots

As someone who spent the past ten years in Winter rain, there is no way I'm going to leave my non-snow gals out. These may not be the most practical for a deluge, but they'd amp up any jeans or tights and skirt combo.


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Over the Knee Boot

I've gotta be honest, this isn't a style I've tried yet. But I'm dying to. All the gals I see doing it look chic and put together even if they're just wearing a sweater and jeans...


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Animal Print Details

Everyone is all about the animal print this season, and, sure, you can go full-on cheetah, or you can wow them with your subtlety (not words normally reserved for our favorite print).


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Red, red, red

Not sure you can get on board with a full on pop of pink? Red, pink's fave cousin, is easy to wear, and still brightens up the dreariest Winter day.


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Lace It Up

I can't quite decide how I feel about these. I like they're different and would add a touch of Prairie chic to your outfit, but they could also go Wicked Witch? Which maybe isn't necessarily a bad thing?


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White Cowboy Boot

Okay, okay. I know it's another white boot (they are EVERYWHERE!), but this one is also a cowboy version so you're ticking off every fashion trend at once. Plus, that low heel means you can wear these every single day.


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Metallic Silver Boots

At first glance, you might think you're not going to get a lot of wear out of these, but, you guys, they match everything and are a fast way to fab up your outfit without a lot of commitment. Plus, they work with jeans, dresses, and pink pants (obviously, you have several pairs, right?).


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Black Sparkle Ankle Boots

You need at least one WOW pair of boots and these are them. They're dramatic and fun and have that low heel so you can wear them to the playground if you're feeling fancy.



POSTED ON: 10-12-2018