baby-blanket-lying-hair-upWhen I was pregnant with Alice I moved to my own planet. I decided that my life was not going to change at all, books/friends/random strangers on the street with all your “opinions” be damned. Case in point, I made a big deal of the fact I wasn’t going to need maternity clothes; larges would accomodate my belly just fine, thank you very much. I mean what’s up with all these pregnant ladies thinking they need a special line of clothes just to get through the day? My body wasn’t going to change, my relationships weren’t going to change, and, you better believe, my jam-packed schedule was not going to change one single bit.

I was an idiot. And, yes, I ate crow, washed down by a very large Krispy Kreme donut because by that point I’d figured out the joys of maternity jeans.

This time around I hold no such ill-conceived follies. I know our lives are going to be toppled upside-down beyond recognition for a year or so before they finally right themselves… And, wait, I forgot to tell you our big news! I never know how to tell people so I just kind of slip it in and, yes, WE’RE PREGNANT! We are absolutely thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Alice is obsessed with being a “big sister”, which I assume lasts until the baby actually gets here.

It’s weird with the second one because I forget all the time I’m even pregnant, but, when I do remember, there’s a knowing that wasn’t there with Alice. In place of all the fear and incessant worrying (although there’s still plenty of that), there’s a buzzing excitement of what’s to come: the daily discoveries of what thrills and interests this completely new-to-the-world person; the way this one will no doubt challenge me in a completely different manner while opening my heart in unforeseen ways; getting to see Alice in a completely new role and Chris further embrace his dad-ness; having bigger and better dance parties; sharing the love around our family even more.

I know it’s going to totally kick my ass, you guys, and I don’t even care. Either I’m living on my own planet or I’ve finally come down to Earth…

  1. Sarah says:

    Yay! Super duper congrats!

  2. Kathryn says:

    I am SO glad we’re doing this together!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Jessica Swift says:


  4. Eilis says:

    So excited for you and the whole growing fam! I loved hearing your perspective on round 2. Let the (bigger) dance parties begin!!

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