Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

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What if you could make one tiny change a week until you found yourself living life with more joy, connection and confidence? What if you made the tiniest shifts in the way you talked to people, walked through the world, thought about yourself and ended up feeling like the truest version of yourself? What if you finally (finally!) unleashed your inner rock star on the world?

It can happen.

Seriously. Not because I’m some weird sorceress or I own the patent to a Make Life Better 2000, but because I HAVE DONE IT.

My life several years ago was fine. I mean that with total sincerity. If you asked me how things were, I’d have said, “Fine,” and meant exactly that. My relationship with my husband was not great, not terrible. I had money issues to spare, but who didn’t? I was a great mom, but felt unfulfilled creatively, which spilled over into my relationships with my kids. My health was in pretty bad shape, but not dreadful enough to require true attention.

This is not to say I didn’t often have a GREAT time – I had friends and family I laughed hard with, had moments of creative clarity, took amazing family vacations. There was a ton of good. But, if I looked at the overall arch of my days, the meat of my life, I was going through most days feeling… fine.

And, the weird thing is, my life now looks almost exactly the same – same husband, same kids, same money coming in, same body, same friends, even the same career, but EVERYTHING is different.

I’m connected to my life and friends and family in a way I couldn’t imagine before. I live in my body and am healthy-ish 90% of the time. I adore my kids and have a blast with them and also get time and creativity for myself. I am pursuing my goals and dreams with gusto. My husband and I have a truly great relationship, which feeds into our family life. We have time and energy and money to be generous and support causes and people we believe in. Dude, it’s good.

And even when it’s not (because life ain’t all iced coffees and champagne), it’s still okay. When it’s messy and painful and gross, we get through it because we’re looking it in the eye instead of burying it under more junk and pretending it’s all fine.

And here’s what I want for you: A life that’s not fine, but AWESOME and FULL and REAL. People in your life who are passionate about you because they see your inner rock star. A life that’s filled with fun, excitement, joy, and opportunity. Family time that you look forward to instead of dread. Solo time where you do things that feed your soul instead of laundry. A support system that holds you up when things get rough. A spirit of generosity that keeps you connected to the world and open to others.

I want these things for you, but here’s the thing. YOU are the only who can do it.


As much as I’d like to (and would probably totally rock it), I can’t come into your life and fix it up until it looks how we think it should. YOU have to be the one to bite the bullet and make the changes (WHY IS THIS THE WAY IT ALWAYS WORKS?!?!).

Now, before we go further, I want to be fully transparent: My life transformation TOOK A BUTT LOAD OF WORK. I went to therapy, took huge risks, had hard conversations, set boundaries, and, basically, was the most annoying person you’ve ever met for a year and a half because I could not stop processing and feeling my way to this new way of living.

Underlying all of these huge shifts, though, were tiny, daily changes. Changes that supported and allowed those shifts to become a daily part of my life – something I now take for granted because they’re so ingrained into my everyday.

Which is what this challenge is all about – tiny movement. I’ve put together 50 weeks of the teensiest, itty-bitty changes you can make to create more joy, confidence and connection. All things that will start to open your life up and help you settle into rock star mode and living your life as your truest self.

But, Kara, everyone else is telling me to THINK BIG. Make sweeping changes! Never eat sugar again! Exercise every day! Be better at mom-ing, partner-ing, friend-ing, EVERYTHING! I want big changes and BIGGER RESULTS!

Dude, I’m all about big changes, but through small movements. Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? Decided to overhaul your life on January 1 and then by the 15th are right back in the same rut? Sustaining enormous changes is HARD and most of us suck at it.

Instead, I believe in the power of small changes where you trick your mind into thinking nothing is actually happening so you can sneak in new ways of thinking and doing. Which is exactly what we’ll do.

Some of your tasks will include:
-smiling at people
-texting friends
-setting up hair appointments
-setting alarms
-sending an email


It’s going to be super-easy and maybe sometimes kinda hard, but always doable, I promise.

AND DID I MENTION IT’S FREE?!?!? Because it is! My mission in life is to help moms embrace and unleash their inner rock stars and this seems like the best way to do it.

Plus, I didn’t spend all that time learning ALL THE LESSONS to keep them to myself.

Plus, then you’ll be indebted to me forever and when we meet in person you’ll probably have to bow to me or something. #QueenKara

I know there are a ton of other things out there that are vying for your time and attention. I know you are busy and have a to do list fourteen miles long (a mile seems like a joke, doesn’t it?). I know you have kids and friends and maybe a partner and they all need something from you.

Which is why I hope you’ll join this challenge. Because this challenge is truly all about you. About you taking a few moments, every week, to do one small task to bring more joy, confidence and connection into your life so you can show up as your total rock star self.

Because the world doesn’t need more fine. It needs MORE OF YOU.

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