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Oh, I have a doozy for you today! This is hard to believe, but today we’re making sandwiches even more delicious. I know what you’re thinking – is it even possible to improve on perfection? Turns out it is. These s’mores sandwiches take your favorite summertime treat and put it between carbs (OMG, YES!). They also will keep little hands busy for as long as you can stand Nutella getting slapped around.

S’mores Sandwiches (adapted from a version found on Anne Sage’s gorgeous blog where it’s photographed beautifully and looks like something you could serve to people outside of your immediate family):

spreading nutella for s'more sandwich - Fabulistas

Step 1: Toast bread. Yell at toaster because it ALWAYS burns some part of the toast. Think about buying a new toaster. Decide money is better spent on a lace kimono. More practical, you know?

kids putting together s'mores sandwiches - Fabulistas

Step 2: Get kids set up with Nutella. You could really use any kind of spread – I was thinking Trader Joe’s Cookies and Cream would be delicious or peanut butter for a healthier-ish version.

kids spreading nutella for easy s'more sandwiches - Fabulistas

Step 3: Let the kids go to town.

easy fun with kids - make s'more sandwiches - Fabulistas

Step 4: It’s important that your chefs occasionally test the recipe to make certain it’s coming along as planned. I’m not sure if full fistfuls of product are necessary, but each to her own.

bread and nuttela for s'mores sandwiches - Fabulistas

Step 5: This is the only slightly tricky step. You’ll want to broil some marshmallows (we used the large ones) in the oven for about four minutes until they start to get a bit brown on the top. Take them off the tray immediately and place on one side of the bread. Or leave them on the tray for a couple of minutes and then spend the next ten scraping hardened marshmallow off in the sink. Not that I know anything about that.

little boy adding graham crackers to s'more sandwich - Fabulistas

Step 6: Place graham crackers on Nutella. You’ll notice our chef is certified in building projects, but this is not necessary.

putting s'more sandwich together - Fabulistas

Step 7: Squish the heck out of your sandwich. No, really, the more you can squish it, the better it’s going to taste.

family eating s'more sandwiches with kids - Fabulistas

Step 8: Dig in. Think about how you’ve forever ruined sandwiches for your kids because how can PB&J compare and decide you just don’t care…

S’mores Sandwiches
Ingredients for one sandwich:
Two pieces of bread
Scoop of Nutella
Handful of marshmallows
Two graham crackers

-Heat oven to broiling. Put marshmallows on cookie sheet (I’d recommend on parchment paper, which I just now thought of). Broil for about 4 minutes or until tops are toasted.
-Toast bread.
-Spread Nutella on bread.
-Add graham crackers.
-Add marshmallows.
-Squish and eat!

-You can find the full recipe over on Anne Sage. Her version would be even more delicious because you grill the sandwiches instead of toasting the bread.

Photo by the excellent Erica Bean Photography.
  1. Kathryn says:

    I absolutely eat Nutella by the fistful. How else?

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