Cool Star Wars Gifts for Dad or Uncle for the Holidays

If you have a Star Wars fan in your life, you’re pretty much golden when it comes to present buying. Just moved into a new house? Here’s a lovely rug for the front of your fireplace where you can host all your bikini clad friends. Enjoy hosting brunch? Here’s a Darth Vader toaster for waffles that just can’t miss. Love camping? Here’s a TaumTaum sleeping bag so you can cuddle up in the belly of the beast. Now, listen, while I think all of these presents are hilarious and have their place, they’re missing a certain…subtlety, don’t you agree?

Instead, I’ve put together a few of my favorite Star Wars gifts that are adult enough for everyday and won’t get you blacklisted by your sister if you give it to her husband (um, see above rug), yet still speak to the Force within each of us. Is that right? Is the Force within us or is it something we summon from the outside? Or was that actually the name of Luke’s light saber? I HAVE NO IDEA. The last time I watched the movies I was in middle school and completely focussed on whether or not I could pull off braid buns, which actually validates my ascertain that these are all remarkable gifts because I have basically spent a lifetime contemplating what is cool or not and these totally are. Damn. So, that’s what it feels like to summon the Force.

1. Luke Skywalker Collectors’ Watch // 2. Chewbacca Messenger Bag // 3. Stormtrooper Print // 4. Rebel Alliance Backpack // 5. Star Wars Empire Hat  // 6. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Shoes // 7. Adidas Customized Superstar 80s Shoes // 8. Millenium Falcon T-Shirt

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