Easy Fun with Kids: Drink Colored Water with Silly Straws

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Easy fun with kids - drink from silly straws - Fabulistas

This has to be one of my favorite “Easy Fun with Kids” posts we’ve ever done, mainly because it was SO MUCH FUN. Neither of us could stop laughing. Plus, it takes so little time to do, we literally pull out these silly straws once a week. I’ll be feeling stressed and overwhelmed and beating myself up about the fact we never have fun anymore (because the half hour they spent on their own while I frantically emailed definitely out-weighed the books we read, going to the zoo, and the car sing-along, right? #getagrip) and then I pull out these for afternoon snack and suddenly all is right again in the world.

easy fun with kids - drink from sippy straws - FabulistasSee, what I mean?

5 minute fun for kids - silly straws - FabulistasOne thing we discovered is that while drinking regular ole water out them is fun, colored water is a million times better (I’d imagine that’s a scientific fact).

kid putting food coloring in water for fun - FabulistasEven better is getting to do the food coloring on your own. (I’d estimate this made it 747,000 times better, but I’d have to double-check my Scientific America).

silly straw fun with kids - FabulistasWe’ve had so much fun with them, I ended up buying about ten sets so we can use them when friends come over with the end game, obviously, being to host Thanksgiving and force encourage everyone to use them. I feel like these with my design-your-own, Pilgrim hats would be my dream Thanksgiving (Forget the turkey! We’ve got silly straws!).

drink from silly straws with kids - FabulistaspsdI’ve also been thinking lately they’d be a perfect topper for kids’ birthday presents -instead of an ever-elusive bow, put one of these on it? Although that’s the food coloring going to my head because it ain’t a present from our house unless it’s in a bag. It’s nice to have goals though, right?

Eyeglass Straws 
Alice’s dress, which makes every day better as any Ariel lover knows

Photos by: Erica Bean Photography

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