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summertime pool fun with kidsOh hello! Fancy seeing you here. Can you believe summer is almost over? I keep thinking it’s about mid-June and there’s still so much I want to do! For us, this summer was one heckuva ride and I honestly just kinda held my breath and tried to roll with it; there’s a small part of me that’s relieved we’re headed into structure and schedules…

I was beating myself up about not showing up enough here (and other places), but then I had an iced coffee and the caffeine kicked in and WHATEVER. I was busy. You were busy. You probably didn’t even notice I was gone. And if you did, I thank you and raise my iced coffee in your honor.

So I don’t completely forget what I Did This Summer, I’ve written it up in handy-dandy list form and am hoping you’ll share your highlights in the comments below. That way, when the snow (or rain here in SF) is blowing this winter we can laugh about long-faded tan lines and high-jinks at the BBQ (not sure whose list that is on but go with it).

Anyway, What I Did This Summer Instead of Writing My Blog:

1. A whole lotta summer-ish stuff. We went to a Frozen sing-a-long, hit the pool and splash pads, threw a couple of birthday parties, took a stay-cation with my husband, laid in the sun in Denver, felt sorry for myself in the fog in San Francisco, learned how to walk and talk (my son, not me).

2. Took up ironing. UGH. Chris started a new job where they actually wear something other than t-shirts (WHAT?!?) and because I am diligently working towards the title “Best Wife EVER” I have generously taken on the frantic ironing of his shirt each morning while he races around with a child attached to each leg, trying to explain why reindeer can’t talk but snowmen can.

3. Watched an entire season of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. It just occurred to me that one of us could be ironing while we’re watching, but then our mornings might run more smoothly and where’s the fun in that?

4. Started referring to my kids as “Hawes 1” and “Hawes 2” while tapping my ring on a table every time I made an excellent point (which was often). Decided to cool it on the Netflix shows.

5. Entertained all sorts of visitors, which meant showing them around San Francisco and remembering why we live here. Turns out the world outside our house and local playground is AWESOME.

6. Crammed into a Minnesota hotel room with two of my sisters and four of our kids where we pretended we to be farmers, got gussied up for our cousin’s wedding, and watched the kids swim for, literally, days. My mom and sister – suckers – flew the kids back to Denver while I gallivanted around the Twin Cities with one of my besties.

7. Took an impromptu trip to the UK to be with Chris’ family after a death in the family. It was an incredibly sad time, but also incredibly moving to see Chris’ family at work – their humor, closeness and strength was at its best and I was reminded again that I hit the jackpot when I married my husband and his family.

8. Wrestled with my Monster of Depression (I’m not trying to make light of how down I was, but, looking back, it feels like one thing that happened in a summer of many things). Between the trip to the UK, the incessant summer fog and a brain that just won’t shut down, my dear friend reared his ugly head and took me out for a bit. But, as always, once I actually stepped back and took the time to feel what I needed to feel he went back into hibernation and I went back to spending too much time thinking about how much I love iced coffee.

9. Wrote a bunch of stuff for Momtastic that I’m pretty excited about and that’s given me a million ideas for over here. I threw a Dipping Party for Toddlers, I came up with ideas for making lunches more fun, I profiled Jen Loves Kev’s easy style, I rounded up cheap places to buy glasses online. So basically, you should just go over there to read my blog.

10. Hosted a blogger meet-up with the indomitable Heidi from Spitfire Girl. So many lovely ladies turned out and I was totally blown-away by what a cool place Denver is nowadays.

11. Cleaned out our bedrooms. I have to add this to the list because I cashed in TWO weekend mornings without the kids to get this done. At the time, I couldn’t quite believe I was spending my free time cleaning rather than, oh, flying to Palm Springs to lounge by the pool (I tend to over-estimate what I can accomplish in a morning), but I did such an impressive job our cleaner congratulated me on it. So, yeah, I cleaned out our bedrooms.

And, that, ladies and gents, is a wrap. See you in the Fall! Or after Labor Day next week. Is that officially Fall? Whatever! I’ll have a video for you next week so have a lovely, long weekend. xx.

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