Fun Gifts for Mother's Day that You'll Really, Really Want

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Listen, ladies, of course we’re all going to be happy with whatever gifts come our way on Mother’s Day (homemade cards, Elsa stickers, a pair of reasonably priced gold glitter boots), but what if your husband is at a total loss? What if he knows he wants to get you a little something to thank you for keeping everyone fed, happy, and alive, but he has no idea where to start? What if the poor guy is running around the Internet, card in hand, stressed to the max and if he doesn’t get help soon you’re looking down the barrel of a grocery store bouquet and a box of cheap chocolates? Which actually doesn’t sound that terrible, and is kind of cute, but nowhere as exciting as the gift ideas I have for you…

Let’s do our duty as mothers and help a poor guy out. Because we are nothing if not givers, am I right, and we’d hate to see him suffer…

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day that You Really Want

1. Bando Agendas: Are you saying you don’t remember the Great Agenda Crisis of 2014? Last year Bando sold out of their sassy little planners and those left out collectively cried over our witless daytimers. Well, they’re back and totally hilarious and awesome and the perfect gift for a mom who has a whole lotta things on her plate.

2. Custom-painted globes: The loveliest way to remind your family what’s really important, plus it would finally fill the space next to the TV that has been bugging me for years.

3. Sweetapolita’s Bakebook: This cookbook is a double whammy – it has fun ideas for baking with your kids (chalkboard cakes and cotton candy cookies!) and, if it’s anything like the recipes on her blog, you’ll end up in Sugar Heaven.

4. Pick Your Nose Cups: Now that I’ve seen these I can’t quite imagine Mother’s Day without them.

5. Bite’s Lipstick Duo in Tangerine and Lingonberry: I needed a pick-me-up the other day so I splurged on this little number. I’m not exaggerating that it immediately brightened my makeup-less face and made me feel a whole lot prettier immediately. I believe that makes it a Mother’s Day gift worth blogging about…

6. The Shine Project’s Stack Bracelets: I can’t shut up about The Shine Project because 1. the company is beyond awesome and gives inner city kids jobs so they can become first generation college students 2. their jewelry is friggin’ adorable and 3. I totally want the founder’s hair. All excellent reasons to support them, wouldn’t you agree?

7. Best Job Ever T-shirt: Okay, so I probably wouldn’t wear this shirt every day, because, obviously there are times when Beyonce’s gig seems a teensy bit more fun than dealing with a teething two-year old. But, for the times when the giggles are flowing and the snuggles are happening, and, yes, even when my teething kiddo only needs his mom… Fine, I’d wear it all the time.


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