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My week with my sisters was pretty much one, non-stop Fun Project, which means last week was one, non-stop catch-up on work/sleep/emails/laundry and the other million things that seem to pile up while you’re off having fun. Seeing as how I was mired in bills, cleaning products and catching up on all the very important things that happened while I was away (what? there’s a new way to braid your hair?) I didn’t have time to update you all on all the fun. I was going to skip it but then I realized it involved naked people and, well, do I need to say more?

So, without further ado…Things my sisters and I did on our vacation:

Talk. Like we talked until our jaws were sore. Literally. It was so bad I had a hard time opening my mouth wide enough to fit around the ginormous, homemade Boston Creme donuts we sampled. Looking back, we probably should have contacted the scientific community about sponsoring our trip, seeing as how we were continually pushing our bodies to their outermost limits…


Ate. I’m not going to bore you with our menu but to give you an idea, here we are eating our only fruit of the trip. Which just happened to be covered in caramel and M&Ms. I probably should have contacted the Council on Nutrition as well.

Spent a lot of time in our swimsuits, which is why the photos on this particular post are pretty limited (see: Boston Creme donuts and caramel apples). We went to a lovely hot springs with a climbing wall and slide, Water World with even more slides, and then another hot springs where we…

Hung out with the naked contingent. Numerous people told us – if you go to Steamboat Springs it’s an absolute must to hit Strawberry Springs after dark when clothing is optional. The setting is truly magnificent and the pools are lovely and – who am I kidding? – there are naked people!

Need you ask? Of course, I had big plans to SARK it up and embrace my inner free spirit, and talked non-stop about how this was going to be the ultimate Fun Project adventure and it was going to be no problem for me because I live in San Francisco, for god’s sake, which is like the naked capital of the world so I’m so used to it that it’s just a matter of jumping in and taking the “plunge”, hahaha. I may have even convinced my little sister to take part in this “life-altering experience.”

Turns out there is a bit of a difference between seeing naked people and being cool with it and actually joining the fray. I just couldn’t do it. It was too bright and there were too many people and I knew everyone was pretending not to peek but actually was only there to ogle at the naked folks and it turns out I’m more prim and proper than I thought I was. Which, surprisingly, I’m okay with. Plus, there’s a deserted beach not too far from us that might be perfect for a midnight dip, if you know what I mean, wink, wink.

Almost died. Oh, wait. Am I being too dramatic? Fine. I didn’t almost die, I just thought I might because I couldn’t catch my  breath, I had sunstroke and my heart was beating at a very alarming rate. Also known in certain circles as “Saturday Morning Together Time with the Kull Family.”

For some insane reason, I had thought it’d be fun to top off the week with a 5k obstacle race called the Diva Dash. I’ve been running a bit and figured how hard can a 5k be, right? Plus, there’d be obstacles – climbing walls, mazes, hurdles in a lake – to break it up. What I forgot was it was going to be 100 degrees outside at a mile high, hilly, and I’d be running at a flat out sprint in order to keep up with my sisters.

To power through, I fell back on my tried-and-true method of shouting inane things at other runners in the hopes it would cheer me up. It was a whole lotta “Look at us divas dashing!” and “It’s not the tutu that makes the diva – it’s how fast she dashes!” I may have even sung my own version of “Dashing Through the Snow” as we were running through the lake. Obviously, I was the hit of the race.


Loved: Oh yeah, I just went there. I probably don’t need to say it, but I’m going to anyway. I love these gals no matter whether we’re arguing over who’s the favorite aunt (I am) or convincing Jill to buy a vintage romper because she’s the only who can pull it off. They make the mundane hysterical and constantly push me to be my most real, authentic self. I’d like to say they’re available for weekend jaunts, but I think I’m going to keep them all to myself.

  1. Jessica Swift says:

    Love you too! Lots of fun!!!! 🙂

  2. Cathleya says:

    All I can think of is that one of your sisters has really fantastic boobs, and I’m trying to guess which one she is. The lack of naked pictures does not help (um hello, this is a BLOG and you’re supposed to reveal EVERYTHINGABOUTYOURLIFE…right…right???). Anyhoo, I am so glad you wrote this post…jealous (not in the mean stabby way…like the “nice” jealous) that I am an only child, and love seeing all the fun adventures that you sissies get to do together (including exercising…congrats all on completing the Diva Dash!)

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