Fun with Kids: Follow the Rainbow to a Pot o' Gold for St. Patrick's Day

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fabulistas -- fun with kids St Patrick' Day DIYSince having kids St. Patrick’s Day has become less of a relevant holiday for us than it was when I was 22 and thought green beer was the height of culinary delights (just kidding, that was Count Chocula cereal). While there’s still plenty of running around while pretending to be a leprechaun, I’ve been feeling like we needed something significant to mark the holiday. Something that didn’t take any time to put together and costs me practically nothing to do. Easy, right?

Well, lassies and lads, I believe I’ve struck gold. All this project takes is a trip to the Target $1 bin and a wee bit o’ luck with your yarn. I promise ye it will yield results that take your kids o’er the rainbow. (Do leprechauns talk like pirates? Because I feel like that’s where this is headed).

Follow the Rainbow to a Pot o’ Gold Kids’ Project:fabulistas :: supplies for St Patrick's Day pot o' goldSupplies:
-several balls of yarn to make the rainbow; I used what I had on hand so ours was very baby-centric (all those blankets I never got around to making…)
-a pot for the gold, or in this case a witch’s cauldron masquerading as a pot (you could use anything!)
-treasures for the pot o’ gold
fabulistas :: easy game for kids where they follow the rainbow to a pot of goldStep 1: Ready the rainbow that the kids will “follow” through the house to get to the pot of gold.

What you don’t want to do: Take all the ends of the yarn and start marching through the house. This will cause a huge tangle with the yarn and you will be tempted to throw in the towel immediately.

fabulistas :: getting supplies for rainbow to pot of gold activity readyYou will then have to enlist the help of your very patient sister to untangle the ends while you recover from the trauma of almost ending the project before it began.

fabulistas :: supplies for rainbow to pot of gold activity for kids
What you do want to do: Tie the ends of the yarn to a doorknob to keep them all nice and tidy and give you a good start.

fabulistas :: St Patricks Day DIY for kidsStep 2: Walk the yarn through the house, one ball at a time, creating a maze that the kids will have to follow. I recommend going over pillows, crossing back over the yarn, heading into closets – make ’em work for their treasure.

fabulistas :: St Paddy's fun with kids rainbow activityI tried doing two balls of yarn at a time, but found it took more time keeping everything untangled than just doing one at a time, over and over.

fabulistas :: St Paddy's follow the rainbow to pot of gold fun for kidsAlso, I found it was good to anchor it occasionally throughout the maze to bring all the yarn together (also my yarn was kind of a mess when it was all laid out, but it didn’t matter).

fabulistas :: supplies for follow the rainbow to a pot of goldStep 3: End your rainbow in your pot o’ gold (I hid mine behind a chair and under a blanket because I thrive on drama and the big reveal).

fabulistas :: DIY for kids - St Patrick's Day funStep 4: Let the kids have at it.

fabulistas :: following the yarn rainbow to the pot of goldfabulistas :: following St Patrick's Day rainbow under the couchLike I said, it’s important to make sure they have to really work for it.

fabulistas :: little girl finding pot of gold at end of the rainbowStep 5: Revel in the excitement of finding a pot o’ gold in the middle of your living room (those tricky little leprechauns, am I right?).

fabulistas :: how to make a rainbow into a pot of gold gameCelebrate the Frozen paint kit that will buy you eight minutes of time later when you’re trying to figure out your car insurance.

fabulistas :: looking through pot of gold prizesMarvel at the stickers you will find stuck to every wall in your house for days to come.

fabulistas :: prizes for finding the pot of goldWonder at the fact every kid in the world loves edible jewelry. Try some and remember why you prefer yours to be hard as diamonds.

fabulistas // how to make a fun DIY St Patrick's Day projectStep 6: Take a second to acknowledge the luck that has brought you here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all you lovely mamas!

Photos by Erica Bean.

  1. Kathryn says:

    This is so fun! Just one question: Did Muggins help with the yarn at all?

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