Happy New Year and Check Out My Minted Holiday Cards!

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First off, Happy New Year! I know it’s the 7th (holy hell, how did that happen?), but my new mantra is “better late than never” + “ah well” so here’s to a year brimming with big laughs, lazy days in bed, hugs and kisses, and banishing Mom Guilt to the corner.

Secondly, I know that we’re all probably shopped out after the holidays but how adorable is this poster from Minted’s new kids’ collection? I can’t wish anything bigger or more beautiful for my kiddo going into the New Year.

In other Minted news, I finally managed to get all of our holiday cards in the mail! This is a vast improvement over last year where I got them printed, but never managed to address the envelopes. Here’s a peek at this year’s card:

I can’t emphasize enough what a gorgeous job Minted does – there were a ton of designs I would have been happy with and the quality is stellar, which is important because, obviously, this is going to grace fridges for years to come.

This year they added a new feature where you can upload your address book and then they print out your envelopes for free. I swear that’s the only reason these actually made it to the post office.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, I further fancified the back with a custom stamp from Save the Date that I’ve been using it on every piece of mail I can get my hands on – no doubt my electric company appreciates a well-designed return address.

Is your mind blown yet? No one would ever guess these cards are from the home of a woman who is currently wearing Winnie the Pooh socks with holes in the toes, which I believe is the point of holiday cards.

At the last minute I included last year’s card, which seemed like a quirky, fun idea at the time, but now that they’re in the mail seems a little weird. Ah well, I wouldn’t want everyone to think I’m too together. And a hint of Pooh never hurt anyone, am I right?


  1. Nicole Arduini says:

    Kara, I loved that you included the card from last year. God knows we’ve all had a lot on our plates and good for you for getting it out there, even if it is a year late 🙂 Love you!

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