Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours

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family with Thanksgiving feast and hats in backyard

My mom always told me to count my blessings and, this year, I don’t know if I can count that high. I am grateful for so many things; all the usual suspects – my family and friends, living in a gorgeous city, our new couch (every day I am so grateful for that damn couch), the fact we have a roof over our head and iced coffee in our fridge – but this year there’s also a new one: all of you.

It’s long been my dream to create a space on the Internet where I could post all the stuff that’s rattling around in my head and where I could connect with other moms and women who are fighting the good fight with a to do list in one hand and sense of humor in the other. And it seems I’ve found it.

So, to all of you who give me your most precious gift, your time, thank you, thank you. You’ve made this lady a very happy gal, which means my kids have a happy mom and my husband a happy wife and my mom and dad a happy daughter and my sisters a very happy sister, and, ohmahgawd, fine, everyone I know is indebted to you forever and ever and that makes me very happy.

Have a wonderful day and will you please be sure to eat too much pie?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m also incredibly thankful for Erica Bean who takes the most wonderful photos of all of us and never bats an eye at the highjinks I come up with.

  1. Penne says:

    So happy you’re happy and love love love that your Internet dreams are coming true. Your family is delightful because they have a funny and creative mommy/wife. Happy Thanksgiving my pet!

    PS – I want to steal Bennett, please send him to me ASAP.

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