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I can’t believe I’m about to do this but, because I love you all so much, I’m going to give you my Secret Weapon Gift for Moms. Wait, you’re saying you don’t have SWGs? OMG, you must get yourself some. SWGs are your go-tos for when your brain is fried and you can’t think of anything creative or it’s two hours before the party and you realize Amazon hasn’t invented “Appear Now” shipping yet.

For example, I have my Housewarming one – some sort of sleek bird feeder (this one’s a bit more expensive than I like but you get the idea); one for dinner parties – Too Haute Cowgirls’ popcorn  when I’m organized, otherwise, it’s this wine, which they now sell at Costco! (Yes, it’s predictable, but the label is gorgeous and that’s obviously how you know if wine tastes good.); a birthday party one – this pirate towel works for most ages; and  a Kull sister one – anything Little Mermaid, Harry Potter, or Batman-themed (don’t ask me. No, seriously. I have no idea).

The SWG though I’m most proud of is my mom one. It’s meaningful, unique and useful. It is…

the Mom’s Line a Day book! (God, I love a bit of fanfare.)

The concept is simple – you write one or two sentences about what your kid did/said/wowed you with that day and over the course of five years you’ll have the best wedding gift ever to give your offspring (you’re welcome). My favorite part is looking back and seeing how I don’t remember a damn thing from last week, says the woman who silently rolled her eyes when her sister couldn’t remember when babies start crawling (4 months? 7? not a clue).

Of course, I forget to write it in every day and some days are more mundane than others. But what I love about this gift is it reminds you to look at today; when I’m really in it, I find myself more carefully engaged in our day so I can report back later. And that, my dears, is one helluva of SWG.


  1. Yuliya says:

    It’s like a blog on paper! Right?

  2. Jessica Swift says:

    Ummm… Who doesn’t love Mermaid or Batman??? I mean really!

  3. Cathleya says:

    Cried reading your favorite entry. You gals are so cute!!!

  4. Cathleya says:

    Aww, your entry made me cry!! Thanks for the fab gift idea…what a great one to just have on hand just in case I need an “emergency” gift…because let’s get real, if I bought the wine as an “emergency” gift, I’d show up drunk and empty handed.

  5. Cathleya says:

    Whoops did I forget that I already commented on this? Looks like that “extra” wine i had on hand already kicked in.

  6. Alice says:

    Im happy U did it. Thanks for writing so informative post. Im lookin’ forward to See and read ur next post. Cheers

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