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You know how when you watch someone do something they’re really good at, because they make it look so easy, you think, “I could so do that.” Like when I was watching the Olympic sprinters and they were barely breaking a sweat, I honestly thought to myself I could probably keep up. Even though my nickname in high school was “Road Runner” and – hint – it wasn’t because I was fast. (I also have a tendency, after a glass or two of wine, to pontificate that if only I could sing I would be a serious rock star because my stage presence is Out. Of. Control.; Chris is always helpful to point out that’s a pretty big “if.”)

When I saw these designs by Ji Lee I had the same feeling – of course, that’s how you’d visually represent the moon, or gravity, or my personal favorite, a smile. Lee set for himself the challenge of creating an image out of the word using only the shapes of the letters, nothing additional; the results are obvious and simple, yet totally mind-blowing. I guess that’s how you know it’s the work of a great artist. Kind of like being able to rock the karaoke stage with a moment’s notice, am I right?


You can see more images at his site or if you want the full collection, he has a book Word as Image, which seems like the perfect holiday gift for the design lover in your life (speaking of which, if you’re reading this and your name rhymes with Miana and you happen to be my sister-in-law who is also a graphic designer, LOOK AWAY).

Happy weekend!


  1. Dizee says:

    Kara, I definitely did not read this interesting and well written article
    about cool typography 🙂

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