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You can file this one under “Idiot” but it hit me last week that Alice is half-British. Yes, I know that her father hails from London, and half her relatives live in the UK and, okay, so maybe I also applied for a British passport on her behalf, but I just didn’t connect all the dots. (Chris is obviously to blame on this one because he hardly sounds foreign at all anymore. “It’s not a trunk, Chris! It’s a boot! For the love of England, call it a boot!”)

Sadly, it was a trip to H&M that brought it all together. I was checking out this adorable t-shirt that read, “I love my Mum and Dad” and it hit me that Alice could wear it. Because she’s British.

Anyway, Alice’s granny sent her a gorgeous pram for her birthday (okay, I’ll stop highlighting words like I’m some English-to-English dictionary). It’s designed by the Danish company Moover Toys and, well, that’s probably all I need to say because the Scandinavians obviously know design.

Even the box is gorgeous. We may or may not have kept it around for a month because how do you throw away a box with a gal that sprightly on it? Seriously. Plus, she’s wearing a ban.do clip, people.

Of course, their other products are just as modern and well-designed. Their rocking horse slows itself down if your baby gets going too fast while the dump truck does double-duty as a riding toy with a trailer compartment for storing things.

I feel like if I had a household of their toys our lives would be more…clean. Like our house would be totally clutter-free and we’d have a white couch, but it wouldn’t matter because we wouldn’t be the kind of people who spilled things, or if we did we’d have the newest, eco-cleaner that zapped it up while we sipped our homemade, cucumber-flavored seltzers and talked with authority about something other than the Kardashians.

Why do I feel like that’s not happening any time soon?

  1. Shawna says:

    What an adorable toy for your daughter! I can’t wait until she is old enough for her Auntie Shawna to take her to tea at the Palace. xo

  2. Tod Trike says:

    This toys looks very pretty. May I need one for my baby!

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