Leather Leggings with My Rock Star Jacket, All Mom-Approved

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blue leather coat with black faux leather leggings
You know how sometimes you hit the shopping jackpot? Like you’re trying on a pair of pants and, before you know it, you’re checking to see if someone messed with the dressing room mirror because your stomach suddenly looks flat-ish? So you take ’em home and and they still make you look all J. Lo’d out (after twins, but still J. Lo) and you know you will love these pants forever and ever and will never take them off except when they get dirty and probably not even then because wet wipes + Febreze are pretty much the same as a wash cycle and now you can’t even abide by looking at your old pants which made your stomach pooch out on the top and bottom (how is that even possible?) and you know that life really can be changed by a good pair of pants.

Well, I’ve had THREE of these jackpots this season so petty much as soon as I hit publish here I’m heading to Vegas.
black leather leggings outfit with colorful jacket
First, I scored this pair of faux leather pants, which I wear way more than you’d think possible to wear a pair of faux leather pants. I’ve worn them semi-dressed up (like here) and then gone all the way, pairing them with stripper heels and a gold top, and I’ve also dressed them down with my faux crocodile sneakers and tiger sweatshirt. (Is it just me or does it read like I’m making some super-weird fashion choices? I feel like they look normal in regular life, but, then again, when Erica told me to “act normal” for the camera I immediately channeled John Travolta.)

colorful holiday Fall outfit with flower necklace
The second piece is this floral necklace I was on the fence about, which I’ve ended up wearing most days. It goes with everything, it’s the perfect length, and apparently helps me take legit fashion blogger photos.leather and sheepskin coat from H&M
The true score though is my new leather/sheepskin jacket. I cannot underscore how much I love it. Like if I had to choose between giving up this jacket and giving up iced coffees I would… OMG. I have no idea what I would do. Keep the jacket? Except if I gave up iced coffees, cold turkey, my family would probably leave me and I would be terribly sad (because my family was gone, not just because of my coffees) and there would be no one to admire my new coat, and what’s the point of dressing awesome if no one can comment on what a cool mom you are? Plus, I’m starting to sweat at the prospect of not having caffeine so I actually don’t need a coat anymore and what is wrong with you people that you can’t let a woman have both her coffee and coat for a tiny slice of happiness?!?

It really is perfection though. It gives me a waist, it smoothes out the bumps, and it ups my cool factor no matter what I’m wearing. Like my yoga pants go from “I wonder if that lady has brushed her teeth recently” to “she must be a celebrity on her way to Spin class.” Yes, a coat can do all that, husband.
gold zipper on double-breasted navy coat
Oh, and did I mention it’s less than a hundred bucks at H&M? Christmas just came early, folks.

real life fashion blogging

Lest you think all this glamour go to my head, let me show you my rock star pieces in action. Here I am removing a gift someone thoughtfully left in front of our house.
mom kicking toilet paper black leggings
Glamour never rest, people. It never rests.

Black leather leggings: I got mine at Common Era in Denver, but here are a similar pair (please excuse the grouchy looking model) // Cream shirt: I can’t remember but here’s a similar one from H&M // Floral blazer: Zara, last season // Star flats: Anthropologie, last season // awesome coat: H&M, last week but it’s already off their website! // flower necklace: Francesca’s // helpful rating: 3.5

Photos by the always awesome Erica Bean Photography, who always makes me look way better than I do in real life and would totally do the same for you…

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