The first post on any blog is like going on a blind date. You want to show you are interesting but not a know-it-all, vivacious and fun, pretty but not high-maintenance… Oh hell, I just remembered why I got married. Anyway, you want to show the best version of yourself to prove to the world they should take you out again. So I’m going to do what I always do in these situations and that’s put on a whole lotta sequins and hope you don’t notice my hands shaking.

Now if you’ve been around the internets (or me) for any length of time you know bando, manufacturers of glitzy, over-the-top goodness that can take any outfit from blah to Shazam! in a second flat. Months after I had Alice and was still sporting my maternity jeans (dude, those things are comfortable), I swear it was my sequined heart that got me through; I’d put it on and feel like myself again, something that was in short supply those early months. Since then, I’ve become a wee bit obsessed. Like I own practically everything on their website. Here let me show you…

Here’s my heart pin making its debut at a social media talk I gave when Alice was still getting up in the middle of the night. Coincidentally, I remember very little of the evening, although the photographs by the lovely Vero Suh seem to suggest that people came, I was semi-coherent, and didn’t forget to wear a shirt.heart-jacket-speaker-presentation-copy

The only thing I wanted for Christmas were bando hearts. My family obliged.heart-sequin-glitter-shoes-iphone-case-bando

Sequins + park = even more fun. Obviously. Also, I’m thinking I need to buy some tops with a bit more – ahem – coverage. birthday-crown-family-playground-wagon-glitter-copy

And I may have dragged Alice into all of this too. Yes, I’m starting to see that I may have a bit of a

I was going to say that’s it, but FINE. So they had a little sale and I picked up a couple more things because they sparkle, people.glitter-hair-clip-sequin-heart-headband-bando_0

And that’s it. I swear.

Well, except for the white whale that has somehow eluded me – their giant, rock star flower. It’s just so…big. And poufy. And I can imagine wearing it to my parent’s house on a random Tuesday and giving my dad weeks worth of eye-rolling delight. It would be like a gift to my entire

So, obviously, the burning question today is which piece did I end up wearing to get me through finally hitting “publish” on my blog?bando-flowers-sequin-scarf-computer-home-copyToo much?

Photos are mine except: heart pin – Vero Suh Photography // mustaches – the killer Melanie Duerkopp Photography // jumbo party bobbi, heart headband, pop flower – bando


  1. penne says:

    I heart you and your sparkles. I heart you because you sparkle. Yay you, yay sparkles!

  2. Cathleya says:

    Launching the blog and flashing the cleavage in one fell swoop…that’s my girl!!! Congratulations, it’s beautiful around here. I can’t wait to be slayed on a daily basis by my favorite fabulista! xo

  3. Sparkliest first post ever! Gotta love a bit of Bando. The blog looks suitably fab, it’s full of such energy and fun (as is your writing) 🙂


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