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It’s amazing the effect our blue couch has had on our life. It was like I needed something to jump start settling into our place (which we’ve only been in for four years so, you know, it might be time?), and now that I’ve started I am a MACHINE. I’m up late moving furniture (sorry, downstairs neighbor!), the kids are now sharing a room (more on that later), and, lo and behold, I put a bunch of our photos up in this lovely gallery wall.

(Okay, slight aside. I actually had nothing to do with it. First, I made my sister come over with the promise it would be so easy, because I had this nifty tutorial I found on the internet, which I promptly discarded, and began randomly making holes in my wall. My sister, horrified, decided to take charge, and really went to town, making measurements and all sorts of other nonsense, until we got the wall looking… okay. It was very row-like and neither of us was very happy with it. But then my brilliant friend, Kathryn, who is a whiz with everything visual, came over and gave the look which I knew meant we needed serious help, which might have hurt my feelings except then she moved pictures around until we ended up with this:)


Pretty snazzy, huh? You can see that it makes me incredibly productive.

But, it got me thinking that I’d be even more efficient if I only had the proper atmosphere, which we all know, comes down to lighting. So, when YLighting reached out to me about their first ever Spring sale, I thought, “What the heck. Let’s do this thing.” I went crazy over on their site and picked out a bunch of my faves, which are up to the par of our new life, even though we probably can’t afford to live it quite yet (it never hurts to plan and dream, folks).

pendant lighting ideas for your dining room

And then I thought, as long as I’m living this new life, am I really comfortable at the dining table I purchased when I was 22 and have repainted 14 times? Do I really need a table that has dried food embedded into it that no amount of scrubbing will dislodge? Or is it perhaps time to move onto something that speaks to who I am now – a woman who entertains with the flick of her wrist at a table made for grown-ups (in this fantasy scenario I apparently am also magic and childless), or more realistically, a woman who is almost 40 (26 days!) and no longer wants to repaint her kitchen table every other month. I think we know the answer.

dining room table and chair ideas

Realistically, it’s going to take some time to get there – we still have two small kids who are living tornadoes and I’m wary about what we put in their way – but I love these glimpses into how it might be. A houseful of furniture I’d actually invite you to come in and sit on? Dream big, kiddo.

YLiving and YLighting’s sale goes on through the end of the month and is up to 20% on all sorts of decadent, modern furniture. The kind of pieces that make you want to wrap them in plastic and send your kids to live with the grandparents until they’re broken in. Not that we would EVER do that…


Lighting: 1. Cheers Pendant // 2. Doo Wop Pendant // 3. Bruck Sirena Pendant // 4. Sunlight Pendant Light // 5. Ava Low Voltage Pendant 

Dining Room Furniture: 1. Cherner Oval Dining Table // 2. Huppe Illusion Extension Dining Table // 3. Cherner Metal Base Chair // 4. Innovation Clubber Chair // 5.  La Palma Cut Armchair

YLiving reached out and asked me to support their sale, which I was happy to do because I think they have gorgeous stuff.

Top photo by Erica Bean.

  1. Kelly TIrman says:

    I love this and I love you. Your humor makes me smile! That is all.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I never said “horrendous.” NEVER!

    • Kara says:

      Ahahaha! You are totally right – you would never say that because you are one of the most well-mannered people I know. In my head you said “horrendous”, because I knew the whole deal was highly problematic but you probably politely smiled and said, “Good job.” 🙂

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