Peter Pan family Halloween costumeHere’s why I love my family.

Alice decided she wanted to be Wendy from Peter Pan for Halloween (not Elsa, thank goodness) and everybody was immediately on board. My sister, Jill, hunted down a green fairy dress and didn’t complain once she was freezing, even though it was raining while we were taking photos and she was wearing essentially a crop top. Chris knew immediately he wanted to be Tick-Tock the crocodile, which made me infinitely happy because 1. it meant I got to be Captain Hook, which he probably knew was my dream and 2. how random and wonderful is this guy? And, Bennett, got to be the main man himself and didn’t take his hat off the ENTIRE TIME.captain hook halloween costume with peter panTinkerbell with Wendy and Peter Pan HalloweenPeter Pan and Wendy and Tinkerbell costumesWendy Halloween costumePeter Pan Halloween costumeAnd then this happened, which totally made my year and is pretty much the reason I married my husband. Want to go stand on a cliff and pretend to attack me while dressed as a crocodile? Yes? Gah! I’m a lucky gal.Tick Tock crocodile and Captain Hook costumeOur honorary family member for the day was our dear photographer, Erica from Erica Bean Photography, who got up at an ungodly hour to photograph us in the rain and didn’t bat an eye at any of the antics. She’s absolutely the best gal. captain hook and peter pan family Halloween costumeThere is so much more I want to tell you – DIYs for hair bows and ruffs, other cool things you can do with these costumes – but, it’s going to have to wait. Wendy costume with coat and umbrellaFor now, our family wishes you a Halloween filled with magic, good weather, and a minimal number of candy meltdowns. xx. Kara

-Photography by the lovely Erica Bean. You should definitely check out her gorgeous blog, The SF Lovely, and follow her on Instagram where all sorts of loveliness happens.
-Peter Pan costume is from A Beautiful Mess’ Peter Pan DIY. Cuteness is all Bennett’s own.


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