Holy Crap, I Wish I Had a Baby: Summer Essentials for Your Baby Boy

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You guys, it just hit me, I only have a baby for another month. Then Bennett’s going to be a full-on toddler, who will soon be walking, talking (which has to be better than the current, ear-blowing shrieking), and terrorizing the cat with all sorts of high-jinks (our poor, poor cat). I have so many questions, namely: HOW CAN THIS BE? Just yesterday I was parading him around in the teensiest little, French-inspired romper (need I say how much his dad adored it?) while his newborn socks held onto his feet for dear life; now the kid is busting out of his 12-month clothes, Superman-style.

The one thing I’m holding onto is he still has no control over how I dress him, unlike his sister who has completely gone to the Princess Side with no hope of ever returning (I’ve literally stopped buying her clothes because she won’t even look at them, she’s so obsessed with her gowns). But, Bennett…one day he might be Dapper Dan, ready to rock London; the next, the male version of Sporty Spice (please, NEVER tell him I described him that way). Basically, I’m going to dress that kid up until he puts his foot down and refuses to wear anything other than his chicken costume (knowing my kids, it will happen).

And, pretty much, I’m just dressing him in Old Navy’s entire Summer collection. Seriously! Will you take a look at this cuteness?

This shirt makes me nostalgic for summers when I was a kid and the hours I spent pining away over a certain sixth grader who had a shirt just like this. // ROMPER! Ohmahgawd, I love a good romper on a baby. // Believe me, when I tell you there is nothing cuter than flip flops on a baby. Okay, glasses are ridiculously cute on babies too and I die for a baby in those little ruffly bloomers… Fine, it’s in the top ten. // Don’t be surprised when the next time you see Bennett he’s wearing one of these cowboy hats. With his pajamas. I’m serious about it going with everything. // It has a mustache. Of course, I included it. // There’s nothing I like better than dressing a baby like a little man and a belt on a pair of madras? Put him in a pair of flip-flops and watch my heart explode.

And you didn’t think I’d leave out the little lassies, did you? (Just got back from the UK and desperately trying to hold onto my accent and, obviously, nothing makes you sound more British than using the word “lassies.”) Come back tomorrow and I’ll have a board for ya. And, yes, that was the sound of the universe starting to crack with the very idea I might blog two days in a row…

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